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Why the Isochain Could Be Your Ultimate Training Tool For Enhanced Health and a Stronger, Better-Looking Physique

John D'Ambrosio Isometric training with Isochain Curls
I’ve been training for a long time. A lifetime actually — and for many reading this, it may equate to two lifetimes. My first workouts consisted of vinyl weights while using a wooden coffee table as a bench. That was 42 years ago.

Over those 4-plus decades, I’ve done a lot, researched a lot, experimented a lot, and learned a lot. I have gone from the minimalist approach of Mike Mentzer’s High Intensity Training, to the higher volume Weider Principles, to the Bulgarian Training System of 3 workouts a day and back again.

I did a lot of things in between — Starting Strength, Strong Lifts, Dogcrapp, Power Factor, a personal training course with cassette tapes (remember those?) where Larry Scott, (the first Mr. Olympia) trained me personally via feedback ,countless muscle magazine workouts, and more.

I became a certified personal trainer (ACE and IART) out of pure curiosity and the desire to learn more about training, and this was in addition to my schooling and practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic. I have probably forgotten more training routines and programs that I created than most can remember. I did CrossFit for 10 years, during which time I competed in a World Natural Powerlifting Federation meet and set 2 NJ state powerlifting records for my age and weight at the time.
John D'Ambrosio Isochain Overhead Press Isometric Strength Training
I also had the joy of tearing my right bicep, for which the surgery to reattach it resulted in the paralysis of my hand (not ideal for an athlete and someone whose profession was based on using his hands). The prognosis was unknown, and I was told the condition could be permanent, or may heal, but to what degree or in what timeframe could not be predicted or guaranteed. After about 6 months of hard work I could see my thumb twitch, and I am fully functional and strong as ever 9 years later, short of a scar and a bicep that isn’t as pretty as it once was.

All of that was to let you know that I’ve seen a lot, and experienced much. I’m no newbie to the fitness industry, and I’m in the trenches training and arguably in, if not the best shape of my life, pretty darned close to it. Much of this has to do with not only taking care of myself properly which includes diet, chiropractic, positive mindset, but also smart, efficient training.

I’m one of those people who lives the motto, I train to live, I don’t live to train. Training properly and effectively allows me to maintain and build muscle mass, which in turn keeps me mobile, functioning, adapting, and young, both at heart and in body. I can’t say the same for many of the other people I know who lived to train. Years of repetitive stress and injuries, all of which instead of eliciting health, depleted it. Replaced knees, degenerated hips, and arthritis are the norm for many. Workouts are completed still, yet with sleeves, tapes, and analgesics. To me, that is taking an injured body and beating it down more — in the name of fitness.
What does all of this have to do with where this post is sitting on the Dragon Door site? A lot. Like I stated, I have run the gauntlet of training methods. I have always been pulled back towards brief, intense workouts. Not ballistic, not high volume, but gaining the most bang for my buck; training smarter, not harder. The Isochain allows for exactly that.
John D'Ambrosio Isochain Deadlift Isometric Strength TrainingThe sessions are short, yet intense. The fact that the contractions are static and not dynamic saves joints and strengthens tendons. Bone density is increased via Wolff’s Law, muscle is built via Hebb’s Rule, Hill’s Equation, progressive overload, and Henneman’s Size Principle (all explained in the Manual), and for a real first, all of this isometric work is digitally captured via some pretty amazing technology in the Isochain.

You can see how many pounds of force are exerted both maximally and on average for a hold. It takes training to a new level, takes up minimal space, and packs an incredibly powerful punch. Looking to gain strength quicker than with dynamic lifting? Look no further than the Isochain. How about hypertrophy? Yup, it does that too. Endurance? It has you covered.

I hate the term revolutionary, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t an incredibly revolutionary take on an age-old technique, turning it from a novelty into a mainstay. I feel the Isochain sets the bar (pun totally intended) for what effective, efficient, intense training is today. I reluctantly tried to use it exclusively and abandon dynamic lifts altogether, and although in the early stages, am not disappointed at all. Pleasantly surprised is more like it.

Does this mean I’ll never pick up another dumbbell or do another pullup? Absolutely not, but it won’t be because I have to, but because I want to.

On a related note, The Ultimate Isometrics Manual by Paul "Coach" Wade is pure gold. You want to learn the science behind isometrics, the history of it, how and why the Isochain works, along with a ton of routines and exercises (using the Isochain and without it), then this is for you. I actually challenge you to read the manual and not be giddy with excitement about investing in the Isochain. I say investing, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. This is an investment in your health, your physique, and your training. It isn’t just a piece of equipment, it is a gym.

I’ve rambled on enough, but want to close with this one thing: if the Isochain was available 42 years ago, I truly believe I would not have suffered the torn bicep and would have obtained the best physique possible without countless wasted hours in the gym. You can never get back lost time, and the Isochain would have saved me literally years, and that my friends, is priceless.

Yours in health,
John C. D’Ambrosio, D.C.