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A Secret Obstacle Has Been Blocking Your Full Strength Potential — Here’s How the ISOCHAIN Can Help You Smash Through Your Previous Limitations and Unleash Stunning New Gains in Physical Capability…


Command Attention, As You Exceed Your Wildest Dreams for Building a Magnificent Body Fast — By Using Paul Wade’s Progressive Masterplan for Getting Supreme Results with Isometric Training...

Breaking news: Convict Conditioning author Paul Wade in conjunction with his Dragon Door research team has developed a brilliant new Isometrics training device, the ISOCHAIN, which we are convinced is going to forever transform the way the world trains strength. Big claim, but we can back it up — just as we did when we launched the modern kettlebell movement in 2001!

Why YOU need the ISOCHAIN — the rock-solid science behind isometrics

ISOCHAIN Strength Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Photo shows the Alpha Prototype. The current prototype will have the console within the bar.

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Red Alert: We Need a Few Good Men and Women to Stand Tall With Us and Act as ISOCHAIN Advocates to Help Us Bring the Device to Market...

The breakthrough 400+ page ISOCHAIN program manual has already been written and the ISOCHAIN prototypes are ready for final development in China. However we have a funding issue.

We need to raise significant capital to ensure we can meet the full development cost associated with Paul Wade’s new invention. There’s a special console, in particular, whose electronics are going to cost an arm and a leg to research and properly design. Because there’s complex, never-before-figured-out circuitry and other geek stuff that’s simply not currently available in any other off-the-shelf product. And this kind of expertise doesn’t come cheap!

Then there’s the first big order of ISOCHAINs that needs to be fully paid for well in advance of us getting the goods.

One way or another, we are looking at some serious bucks to get the ISOCHAIN fully manufactured and over here to meet the first demand-stampede. Yeah, we do expect a stampede, just as happened when we introduced the modern kettlebell

And there’s a surprising amount of capital needed too to finance the final photographs and artwork for the massive ISOCHAIN manual — and to print up sufficient copies to meet the initial demand.

So, that’s where you come in! We are looking for a few good people who are eager to take their strength to a whole new level —and who believe that the ISOCHAIN could be the missing link to make that happen…

Boom, we’ve created a kickstarter-like program to raise what we need to bring the ISOCHAIN fully to market over here. With just a small number of dedicated enthusiasts as our early-adopter advocates, we can launch the ISOCHAIN strength training revolution…

We have set up a three-tier program with some extraordinary benefits for you early adopters. The earlier you adopt, the bigger the benefit package, as you will see:

Special Pre-Order Offer

ISOCHAIN List price: $499

Silver Level ISOCHAIN Advocate. Limited to next 300. $449. Free US Shipping. Free 400+ page print manual. ($50 value) 50% off online training course ($100 value). 25% off in-person ISOCHAIN training workshop ($250 value). Total value of bonuses: $400. Preorder purchase 100% satisfaction guaranteed for one full year. Pre-Order Now


Fair Warning: If you delay and don’t qualify in time to be an ISOCHAIN Advocate you lose all chance of benefiting from any of the bonuses. And you will need to pay the full list price. If you are truly serious about your strength training, it seems a crying shame to lose out like that by not pulling the trigger now.

The three additional components that make the ISOCHAIN the ultimate isometric problem solver — and make it the strength gift that keeps on giving

The ten surefire ways you can explode your strength with the ISOCHAIN

Summary of Your Future Benefits When You Employ the ISOCHAIN with Paul Wade’s Progressive Masterplan for Extreme Strength Development

Super Economical:

One piece of equipment meets most demands with nothing extra to purchase.

Super Convenient:

Fixed device requiring no plate changes or additional weights. Minimal storage requirements.

Super Efficient:

Rather than being forced to work at full-range, you can work at maximum on a fixed point in a range of motion; either the "sticking point" or the most effective point of contraction. In addition, this point can be changed rapidly and easily, by reconnecting the chain to a different link.

Saves Your Joints from Wear, Tear and Injury:

Particularly for older types. Because the limbs stay in a fixed position and don’t move under tension, injured or vulnerable joints can be trained hard with zero grinding therefore less or no pain or damage.

Enhanced Recovery:

Because of the lack of concentric or eccentric motion, high-tension isometrics causes less damage to muscle fibers; it results in less soreness and techniques can be performed with greater frequency than conventional methods.

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Now You Can Finally Track Your Progress! Why the ISOCHAIN Represents a Quantum Leap In Isometric Training Efficiency...

With all previous isometric training devices it’s been impossible to track your progress which means:

1. There’s no way to know how much force you are generating. This is a massive stumbling block because Progressive Training is the Holy Grail of all strength methods. And without this data you cannot establish progress. This not only makes programming problematic but it essentially kills training motivation. You are training blind and have literally no idea what you’re doing, or capable of doing, in terms of work load.

2. There’s zero loading reflex. Normally the nervous system puts protective blocks on your force output. It only allows maximum force to be expressed when there is a legitimate load to be dealt with. Example: pushing against a tree versus holding a tree from crushing you as it blows over.

Unfortunately these two issues have proven insurmountable – up until now. Because the ISOCHAIN solves them both...

The three additional components that make the ISOCHAIN the ultimate isometric problem solver — and make it the strength gift that keeps on giving

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