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Isochain Bar, Full Bar view
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Isochain Stand-Alone Handle

Breakthrough Isometrics Device Restores Your Strength to Its Full Potential!

The Isochain’s Advanced Electronics Help You Easily Measure and Track Your Actual Force Generation — So You Can Get Stronger Faster And Make Consistent, Long-Term Strength Gains…

Athletes, martial artists, strongmen and bodybuilders have long revered isometrics as a remarkably effective way to get immensely strong, quickly and safely. However, until now it has been impossible to know just how much force — and therefore strength — you have been generating with your isometrics. The result: a LOT of strength gains left on the table and less motivation to continue getting stronger with your isometrics…

However, with the introduction of the Isochain and its highly sophisticated electronics, the isometrics strength game has changed forever. Because now you can immediately see and hear exactly what forces you are generating — and finally advance to your full strength potential.

The classic Isochain comes complete with handle, chain, carabiners, spring and plate, all calibrated to handle up to 1,000 lbs of force generation. However, for those who desire the Isochain handle, with its built-in electronic-measuring system, as a stand-alone device, Dragon Door is offering the handle by itself.

Launch special: order by midnight, Friday, September 17th and save $40 on your investment!

Isochain Stand-Alone Handle - $299.00
One-Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Read Our Simple 100% No Excuses Money Back Guarantee

How sure are we that Isochain Stand-Alone Handle will work for you? Simply fill out the form below and put Isochain Stand-Alone Handle to work for you right now.

If you are not 100% absolutely thrilled with your purchase, Dragon Door Publications will refund of your entire purchase price for up to a FULL YEAR.

That's how sure we are!

Obviously, we would go out of business if Isochain Stand-Alone Handle didn't work, the way we said, right?

With the promise of a full refund if you're unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying Isochain Stand-Alone Handle. Go ahead and try it today.


Note: to take full advantage of the Isochain — whether it be the stand-alone handle or the full device — Paul Wade’s The Ultimate Isometrics Manual is an absolute must-have. Its 450+ pages are jammed with training advice, complete descriptions of the different Isochain isometric exercises and a set of training protocols to help you optimize your strength gains.

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