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Laurel Blackburn


Phone: 1-850-445-0222
Tallahassee, FL
United States 32317
9.98 out of 10 (128 reviews)

Welcome to my instructor page. 


I have been a certified personal trainer for over 24 years. I opened my own gym in 2005, specializing in boot camp style workouts. I earned my RKC in 2009 and my RKC level 2 shortly thereafter. 

I was promoted to Senior RKC in 2014.


I’ve continued my learning and received certifications in corrective movement, senior fitness, transformation specialist, strength and conditioning, power lifting and several others. 


In addition to Kettlebell training, I have competed in body building, powerlifting, strongman training and most currently I have participated in GORUCK events. Those events are put on by Special Forces soldiers and mimic their intense training for Selection. I’ve done events that last for 48 hours. I am most proud of finishing those and doing it in my late 50s.


I’ve had the honor of appearing in several national magazines including Oxygen, Woman’s Health and more. 


I have loved seeing how Kettlebell training has changed the lives of my clients. From 100-pound weight loss to getting off medications. I’ve trained everyone from 80-year clients to our police department’s SWAT team. 


I am the proud mom of Ryan who has his own gym and trains professional golfers and Nigel who trains high level tennis players. I am grandmother to Ava and Ender. 


My mission is to encourage and motivate people of all ages, especially seniors to stay healthy and strong and to push beyond their own self limitations.



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10/10 Kettlebell Coach
By Jason O / Tallahassee, USA

I booked a private lesson with Laurel and couldn't be more pleased. She coached me through all the basic kettlebell movements and provided clear, helpful cues. SHe clearly knows her stuff. Highly recommended!

10/10 Fitness Instructor
By Steve Epps / Panama City, United States

I was interested in learning basic movements with kettlebells to improve my health. I contacted Laurel after not being able to find anyone locally that would respond to my inquires. She took the time answer my questions, meet with me and show me a circuit that I can do at home, at my own pace. Laurel is a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend her.

10/10 Laurel Blackburn
By Levi Dickey / Panama City, USA

She is a great instructor, she was able to answer all the questions I had immediately whether they were about kettlebells or grip strength. She was also able to show me many things regarding perfect form with the kettlebell which is something that I have found many instructors cannot do. I will most definitely be going back for more training for not only kettlebells, but also things like strength training.

10/10 Amazing coach!!
By Gabby Dickey / Panama City, USA

The whole gym space itself is amazing. Lauren is a wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable woman and I learned a lot in just one session. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!! I was with my mom and my brother for a training session, and we are at all different levels, and she didn’t skip a beat. Had so much fun! It’s really one of the nicest gym spaces I’ve ever been to. We will be back! Cannot wait!

10/10 So knowledgeable! So professional! So cool!
By Kim Dickey / Panama City, USA

Laurel is a very knowledgeable instructor. We asked her to train 3 of us — all of us on different fitness levels and she rocked it! We all got personal attention on the details. We were neither bored, nor overworked — perfectly challenged! (Well worth the 2 hour drive to get to her.) I have specific back problems that she was able to work with and around. I was able to achieve goals without being injured. We had a fantastic day! Thanks again Laurel!

10/10 Quality Coaching
By Jenny M / Arlington, USA

My spouse and I recently participated in a virtual session with Laurel for coaching on our kettlebell form - swings and cleans. I had been coached by other trainers but was worried about my form causing lower back issues. Laurel helped me adjust my stance and swings so that my form was correct and I was getting more power from my movements. She does an amazing job of describing what the movements should look like and feel like. Several years ago I received weight lifting coaching from Laurel at her gym in Tallahassee and loved how she really focused on my form. I walked away knowing I was lifting safely and that I was getting the more power when lifting. The quality of her online coaching was just as good as her in person coaching.

10/10 Great Virtual Instructor
By Linda J / Arlington, United States

I wanted to brush up on my swings and kettlebell exercises since I've been doing so much virtual exercise during the pandemic, and booked Laurel for a virtual training session for my spouse and I. I took her classes when I still lived in Tallahassee and remember her awesome teaching style, and it translated well into a virtual video session! She was very helpful in not only giving us much-needed verbal cues, but also was friendly, warm and engaging. I'd definitely recommend her virtually for both newbies and seasoned kettlebell exercisers who want to check their form.

10/10 Wonderful Experience
By Joi Savery / Tallahass, United States

I had a wonderful experience with Laurel.  From our initial correspondence and forward she was kind, professional, and responsive. I was a little intimidated due to my lack of experience with kettlebells, but Laurel has patience of the saints ?? and did a great job of setting me up step-by-step with each move. The gym is well very maintained, orderly, and each bit of equipment was thoroughly wiped down as we completed our work. I highly recommend Blackburn Fitness. Laurel's expertise makes her a great instructor for both the highly fit and the novice. ????????

10/10 Super awesome and real!
By Clara Blitch / Tallahassee, USA

I joined Laurels gym a month ago. From the moment I walked in with my Groupon in hand, she was warm and welcoming. She knew I had prior experience but was several years out of shape - Laurel took the time to watch my form carefully and make sure I was ready to get started again. What I love about her personality most is how warm she is. Laurel wants what’s best for her clients and it shows. She has a passion for fitness, top notch expertise in Kettlebells and a super fun sense of humor. Laurel is also incredibly skilled in muscular issues and has helped me a great deal with my sore or locked up muscles, a result of several years of limited mobility. I can already get up off the floor more quickly and I’m only a month in! Everyone there is friendly and welcoming. I’m looking forward to finding my former self with this group and have zero doubt it’s just around the corner with this amazing lady’s help.

10/10 Seriously awesome
By Kirstin H / Tallahassee, USA

Starting classes with Laurel was my first experience with any kind of personal training, and I was expecting to be nervous and a little uncomfortable while I learned. So I was pretty surprised when I realized how comfortable I felt, and how quickly I was excited to do more. Laurel is extremely knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge in a very accessible way that makes workouts fun and satisfying. Training with her is highly recommended!

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Laurel Blackburn


Elite Law Enforcement Adds Kettlebells to Their Arsenal

Dec 07, 2012 10:30 PM

Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with law enforcement. I was a kid hooked on Columbo, Mod Squad and The Rookies. For my 12th birthday, I got my first fingerprint kit. It didn’t take long before every solid surface in the house was covered in black or white powder and sticky tape marks. All I wanted when I grew up was to be a cop. A detour in high school along with some bad decisions put that dream to rest. In December of this year...

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