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How Chrys Johnson Increased His Strength by 65% in 30 Days — and Reduced His Pain —Using the Isochain

Chrystopher Johnson Isochain Zercher
"This! This is it right here! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!"

Those were my first words when I stumbled upon Dragon Door’s prototype Isochain article earlier this year. I got so excited but we were hit by quarantine at the time so I (as I’m sure most of us were) needed to be careful about where I allocated my money. As a personal trainer, I’m sure we can imagine the "minor inconvenience" COVID19 inflicted upon myself and the entire fitness industry. So I felt that with this new downtime, I’d get educated on what Dragon Door was cooking up. Truly, I had no idea what I was in for.

As the weeks went by and my excitement grew for the product I figured I may as well get a headstart on this training. I purchased products from HomeDepot to construct what I’ve been calling the OG Isochain which is pretty much the same setup just without the spring load, baseplate and of course the electronics. I performed the iso exercises daily from end of March until June. Since there was cortical inhibition in play, I had no idea how much force was "too much" or "too little" so I just ripped into it with everything I had for 6 seconds, sometimes not realizing I was holding back. Every day. For about 90 days roughly.

Near the end I was moving weights that previously were very difficult for me. I actually bent the bar two months in, forcing me to get a new one (pics on my Instagram: NolimitChrys) My exercise routine was mainly upper body however, as my baseplate just consisted of 2 hunks of 2x4 wood. Sadly I stopped doing the exercises because although I knew it was working, without some sort of feedback mechanism, it got…boring?

Two weeks after, in June, I went on the website and sent in the preorder. COVID delays were killing me inside but it finally arrived early October. I went to work IMMEDIATELY. I had 3 months to come up with a routine that I call the Sweet 16 Routine consisting of 16 movements encompassing the entire body’s musculature. As I’ve mentioned in my YouTube videos multiple times, I’m a tracker and I kept record of all my poundages for each exercise. A lot of the experience was learning along the way.
Chrystopher Johnson Isochain Deadlift

Then came Day 15. I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like everything was increasing steadily until around day 12 when I started hitting crazy high numbers. I had to wonder how this was happening as I promise I’d ripped into the bar with everything I had every single day prior. Then I remembered Cortical Inhibition and the restructure of the body’s ability to access more strength by reconfiguring the neural pathways. I started hitting into the 500lb with a few lifts. My squats were improving at very high rates. At first I thought I was using my back so I recorded some of the lifts but they were all good form. My legs would literally wobble during the contraction similar to the end of a Wall Sit exercise.

Fast forward to Day 30 on November 8th, 2020. I couldn’t believe my numbers. I’d gone up 65%!! Now I’ll be honest when I hit Day 15 I went up 52% and I wondered if I could double my strength in 30 days. I was getting greedy lol. But hey, an increase of this magnitude in only a month is completely mindblowing. In my Day 30 Results video on my channel NoLimitSquad on YouTube I mention that I feel the difference. I’ve suffered from 2 knee injuries in 2017 and 18 respectively. The left knee has a tiny tear in the quadricep tendon and the right knee, I’ll be honest, I dunno bc I never went to the doctor. I figured I’d use the Isochain as a last resort before surgery. Well after 30 days, my left knee’s pain went from an 8 to a 3. My right knee hurts more. On some days a 9 and that’s down to a 4.5 now. I don’t expect them to ever go away completely but to have the pain literally reduced by half, I actually enjoy leg days at the gym again!

Another major area of improvement have been my elbows. If you’ve ever performed the Tricep Extension on any life fitness machine or the Tricep Skullcrusher exercise, you may have also experienced elbow tendinitis from performing the movement at that sharp angle. After 30 days, unlike the knees, this pain is completely gone. ZERO. What’s more is that I’m even stronger in the movement than before, allowing me to now max out that machine. I couldn’t believe it myself. This realization happened on my 3rd week.

Lastly was the feeling in my legs. I’ve never felt them so solid before. It’s to the point where it almost made me question what I’ve been doing the last 11 years on my leg days, but then I remembered one of the earlier chapters in Paul Coach Wade’s Isometric Manual which talked about this phenomenon happening. I believe it mentioned Bruce Lee as well?
Chrystopher Johnson Isochain Zercher Side

Anyway, to conclude, I’m completely blown away by this product. To increase my strength by 65% is still hard to wrap my mind around. I’ve mentioned this on my channel and I’ll say it here as well. I 100% expect to see this product being used by virtually every athlete on the face of the Earth in about 3 to 5 years. I say that timeframe bc most people dismiss revolutionary products like these by saying "…ahh isometrics again? We’ve heard of that before. Nothing new." Or "I made one just like that back in the day for $30 bucks at Home Depot."

Listen. With all these Isochain modes and a force display, "Progressive Overload has entered the chat" making this a whole new ballgame now. This will give rise to the advent of freak athletes and unbelievable feats of strength in the coming years. If you haven’t preordered it, I highly recommend you do so. DragonDoor’s phrase for the Isochain "Strength Beyond Your Wildest Dreams"?

...They meant it!

Chrystopher Johnson PersonalTrainer300Isochain Advocate and Certified Personal Trainer: Chrystopher Johnson. Follow his Isochain Journey on YouTube: NoLimitSquad