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Training Articles

PaulMcIllroyOverheadBW thumbnail

Overhead Strength…; The Rising Tide Raises All Ships

Strength can be built by many means, does it really matter which one you choose? Well, that depends. It's true to say that the rising tide raises all ships. But it’s also important to get your ship on the tide which rises highest.

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Paul McIlroy Chest Development Thumbnail

Ignoring the Pseudo-Science to Optimize Chest Development & Upper Body Strength!

I've seen a lot of talk on the Internet recently, suggesting that neither the Bench Press nor the Push-Up are good pectoralis major exercises, some even making the statement that they aren’t true chest exercises at all.

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SeatedIsoMaxPress thumbnail

The Law of Accommodation: The Secret Key to Continuous Gains in Isometrics and all Resistance Training - Part III

Habituation also occurs in all athletic training, where it’s called accommodation. If you keep performing the same stimulus (workout, exercise, set/rep scheme etc.) over time, the response disappears, leaving you with zero gains no matter how much effort you put in.

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pauldeadlift thumbnail

Weight Justa Minute

“How do you use Justa’s singles for the deadlift and still run a squatting cycle at the same time”? “How do you know when to terminate the Justa’s singles cycle”?

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IsoCurl Julien Thumbnail

How to Combine Isometrics and Calisthenics

My objective is to enhance both size and strength. So, during the initial phase, I focus on bodyweight training to build strength while incorporating isometric exercises to promote muscle growth. Then, in the subsequent phase, I reverse this approach.

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Strongman Todd Jones thumbnail

The Steel Bending Power of Isometrics

One of the most common feats that the old time strongmen performed was bending a 60D nail. In fact, that was what you would call the “gateway feat” of those times. If you wanted to even call yourself a strongman, you had to be able to bend a 60D nail...

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CS Sloan 30Days Thumbnail

The 30-Rep Program: How to Gain Considerable Strength and Size in as Little as Six Weeks

Eventually, I came up with my own sort of “amalgam” of these two ways of training that I call the 30-Rep Program—it contains the high-frequency of the 40-day workout but with the potential for more variety common to Pavel’s 3-to-5 methodology.

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Press The Beast Kettlebell Paul McIllroy thumbnail

Beating The Bogeyman

‘The Beast’ is a great name to market a hardcore strength tool with! It fires up some, it intimidates others, but either way, it wins everyone’s instant respect. It transforms an ordinary object into an icon, a mythical monster and in some cases…an insurmountable obstacle.

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Mentzer Heavy Duty thumbnail

The Law of Accommodation: The Secret Key to Continuous Gains in Isometrics and all Resistance Training - Part II

The problem of accommodation has been recognized as long as men have trained with weights. It has been given different names over time. The old-time strongmen called the phenomenon staleness. The term “stale” continued well into the seventies, but in the eighties was ultimately eclipsed by another term, “plateau”.

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Iso French press thumbnail

The Law of Accommodation The Secret Key to Continuous Gains in Isometrics and all Resistance Training Part 1

If there’s one law that’s completely universal—and yet, woefully underestimated by strength athletes and coaches alike—it’s the Law of Accommodation.

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